Teaching online is a work of art. Here are 5 tips that can help teachers ace their role as online teachers. Teaching online has turned out to be the new ordinary for all and sundry. Whether it is teachers, students, or parents, recent studies reveal that they find an online mode of teaching more suitable. Teaching online makes things easier for both teachers and students as they operate from their comfortable spaces. It is also expedient for the teachers for the reason that it increases their competence eventually ensuring good results for students. In the process of teaching online, teachers should also keep in mind to keep inspiring their students. Students might come across an abundant number of challenges, issues, and problems at home, peer pressure, short of self-confidence, etc. Such problems may have a straight or roundabout impact on their educational performance and mental wellbeing. The right direction at the right time can lend a hand to the students giving their best no matter what they do. Here are the five ways that you can adopt to inspire your students whilst teaching online-

  1. Facilitate Introspection- The majority of the students know what they really want to accomplish, but they remain short of the correct direction. The best way teachers can assist and encourage students at the same time is by aiding them in recognizing their powers and shortcomings. Teachers can then assist students in fortifying their strengths even further and conquering their Achilles’ heel. 
  2. Allot Responsibilities- All of us love the feeling of achieving something that is unforeseen. This can be about gaining good grades in the least preferred subject, learning a new sport, or delivering an extensive speech. In the same way, if a teacher feels a student is raucous and needs to perk up, they can allot that student a chore of accountability. If a student is unable to comprehend a theory well, ask them to plan that topic once more and attempt to elucidate it to their classmates. That student will put additional attempt into preparing that subject in the best way possible. For this reason, assigning responsibilities to students who require a thrust can prove to be the finest way to help them get better.
  3. Raise Questions- Raising questions to students make them more considerate in the class. It is time and again observed that whilst teachers network with students they are inclined to pay more concentration no matter what is happening in the classroom. This possibly will give the impression of being a little hard but this modus operandi always works. Making use of this practice is a circumlocutory way of stirring students to study better. Teachers should use this method every time they feel that the students are going off track or getting diverted.Raise Questions
  4. Give Life-inspired Instances- Giving real-life instances to the students and making them attach to the idea is a big way of helping them study in a better way. Introducing students to inspirational personalities like the ones who have served humanity in different ways can be actually inspiring for your students. The lives of people who have been consummate can surely motivate students and they will feel enthused.
  5. Highlight Progress- It is the accountability of a teacher to give constructive criticism where they see a capacity for progress. Students have to take the subsequent step, accept the feedback, and labor on it. When a student puts in hard work to become better, they look forward to their teacher to notice their hard work. Few words of positive reception from the teacher can give the students an additional thrust and consequently, they work even hard in order to get better. For example, if you observe a student paying more notice no matter what you teach, just praise them for it and see the results. 

Solving every crisis of the students is not probable, but stirring them by displaying the correct path absolutely is. Always ensure to make your students at ease, recognize their problems, and help them discover an answer for the same.

Hope this blog helps you. Stay tuned for more blogs. 

Happy Online Teaching!


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