DevOps has always sparked interest for people interested in IT operations and software development. Recently, DevOps certifications have brought new opportunities for learners. However, before we dive into some certifications that would help you, we need to know something about a career in DevOps.

There is a lot of work in the field of Information Technology. Different people do different work, like app development, website development, software development. However, this series of steps have brought DevOps into the light. It is a practice that has combined many tools, processes, and philosophies to provide a great result. This combination of Development and Operations formed DevOps. Therefore, a career in DevOps is a great choice. The best way to create a job in the realm of Information Technology or Software Development is to get a DevOps Certification from various sources be it Docker and Kubernetes certification, Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer, Certified Jenkins Engineer, or others. They all will help you to excel in your career.

Let us look at some of the certificates to kick-start your career in DevOps. 


Docker Certified Associate is a type of certification that helps an individual sharpens skills for a Docker practitioner who are Software Engineers, Developers, System Administration and Technical leads. If we have an in-depth knowledge of Linux System Administration and Cloud computing, it makes for trouble-free Docker certification. According to research, a Docker Certified Associate gets 654,455 per year. 


Certified Kubernetes Administrator is a certification that submerges the core concept and configures networking through cluster nodes, common commands, and the authentic certificate. According to the LinkedIn platform, a certified Kubernetes administrator gets exposure to more than 8000 jobs as a DevOps with an average pay of Rs 1,204,071 per annum. 


This AWS DevOps certificate is perfectly made for those DevOps with less than two years of experience in this field. Here, still, you can get an entry-level opportunity. For having the certification, you need to go through some bulletins given below:

  • You must know at least one high-level programming level and how to administrate the operating system. 
  • You must have a proper understanding of methodologies in operational processes and the development of a website. 
  • The capacity of managing the methodologies and delivery systems on AWS with knowledge of how to implement them. 
  • You should know how to apply and control automatic security, compliance validation, and governance processes. Also, to analyze the logging system, metrics, and deploy monitoring on AWS. 

It is the certificate that carries much weightage with an average salary of $117,000.  


It is one of the leading certificates in the list of DevOps certifications. Here, we have Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) being the core parts of DevOps. It provides a feasible method to create, test, and implement the internal infrastructure, whether it is properly working or not. It has three certifications, given below:

  • Jenkins: Essentials
  • Jenkins Level 1: Administration
  • Jenkins Level 1: Pipeline Essentials

A year before, CISCO DevNet was yet to be recognized as an official certificate. Still, it is adding to the list because it will provide agility to the DevOps on the expertise level. This certification offers learning tracks, video courses, Sandbox, code exchange, and ecosystem exchange. DevOps could be explored on various platforms: Cloud Networking, data center, security, mobility, open-source, collaboration, and services. Under this, DevOps will get good prospects with three certifications, which are given below:

  • DevNet Professional
  • DevNet Associate
  • DevNet Specialist 
  1. Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

This certification provides precise knowledge of the Agile and DevOps process and the experience of working with its tools. Azure DevOps professionals are well-trained for bringing together the people and technology to meet the requirements and objectives of their business. Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert can meet the standards and provide exceptional services directing their skills and capacity to work. With a professional background in the Agile process, they will know Azure administrator or even a developer. The average pay for this expertise is Rs. 625,894 per year!


Hence, we have gone through the six prominent DevOps foundation training certification, which is Docker Certified Associate, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, AWS DevOps engineer – professional, Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer, Certified Jenkins Engineer, and  CISCO DevNet in 2021. Among these, Docker and Kubernetes certification has provided valuable products to businesses. They have been benefited through the implementation of DevOps because it uses its technical skills and knowledge to fulfill the requirement and provide the end product. The above-listed certifications have good value. So, what to wait for? The career trajectory of all the certificates is given here, go through them and choose the best DevOps for yourself.


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