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According to a market analysis report, USPA is the market leader in Miami Fire Watch Services



A South Florida-based security guard company, USPA Nationwide Security is one of the top 1% of security guard companies providing fire protection services in Miami, FL.

There are several key competitors of USPA in the Miami market, including Brinks, Securitas, and Allied Universal. These global industrial security guard companies hold a significant share of the market.

As one of the world’s top ten security companies, Allied Universal ranks among the highest. Facility management services are provided by Allied Universal in the United States. The company generates USD 8.3 billion in revenue each year, ranking first among security companies in terms of revenue.

With revenues of USD 9.23 billion, Securitas AB ranks among the world’s leading security companies. A range of security services, monitoring, consulting, and investigation services are offered by Securitas AB, which has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. In 53 countries, the company employs more than 300,000 people. With a 19 percent share of the European guarding and mobile security market, Securitas AB is one of the world’s largest security companies.

Brink’s Company is one of the world’s largest security companies. According to this list, the company ranks seventh in terms of revenue and is known for its private security and protection services. The company operates over 1,100 facilities and 13,300 vehicles for the purpose of providing security services.

Among the world’s largest security companies, USPA Nationwide Security ranks fourth in terms of revenue. As a subsidiary of USPA International, USPA Nationwide Security has an annual revenue exceeding $1 billion. In addition to its franchise offices in 50 states, the Miami-based international firm operates on six continents.

USPA Nationwide Security Quick Facts

Currently, the company has been in business for 17.5 years as of October 2022.

There are a variety of Miami security services available, including witness protection, fire watch, armed security guards, bodyguards and executive protection.

The majority of the United States is covered by franchise offices. Provides coverage throughout the Caribbean

Women and retired law enforcement officers own and operate this veteran-owned and operated business.

USPA has received extremely high ratings. With over 300 verified reviews across all platforms, the rating is 4.9

Customer service that is responsive. Live Chat operators are knowledgeable and available to answer questions

Contributes a significant amount of its profits to charity

Service Areas and Market Segments for USPA Nationwide Security in Miami, Florida

There are a number of services that are provided, including armed security guards, fire watch services in Miami, armed bodyguards, drones, transport security, international travel security, and maritime security.

USPA Nationwide Security has recently published the following headlines:

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NBC News: Kidnap Recovery Group Shifts Focus to Help Ian Victims

Yahoo News: USPA Nationwide Security Pledges $1M Yearly to Locate Missing Children

MarketWatch: USPA Nationwide Security Targets Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2023


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