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Beats EP Review: Good Sound with Wired Limitations



Beats EP

Beats Ep headphones have all the bass you’d expect from Beats, but they do away with the bulky over-ear design in favor of the lighter and more portable on-ear design. The Beats EP wired on-ear headphones are a good-sounding pair of headphones, but their wired design limits their portability and comfort. If you’re willing to sacrifice some convenience. They are wired headphones and deserve to buy. They come with a price tag that puts them closely alongside budget wireless headphones, most of which come with features and capabilities.

Beats EP

when did the beats ep come out

The beats ep wired on ear headphones are available in black, blue, white, and red. The lightweight build sits securely on the head, with size adjustments, a padded headband, and rotating earpieces, all adding to wearing comfort. Only artificial leather coverings cause an issue, causing the skin to sweat underneath when worn for long periods.

In addition, the Beats EP headphones are well-constructed, with a design that aligns with current trends. Although there’s some irritation from the leather in prolonged use, it might be better to save up for something better, as many wireless models now offer much more freedom of movement. Beats customers will love them, though; any Beats fans you know will feel like it. So, when you let them try these premium headphones on, they’re on your VIP list.

Benefits of Beats EP

beats ep wired on-ear headphones

The Beats EP on-ear headphones have the signature deep bass and pristine highs, making the product line stand out from other headphone brands. In addition, the use of high-quality materials for the body of these headphones will make them a lasting, dependable purchase even with daily use. Other features include a collapsible frame for easy portability and flat-coiled cables to prevent tangling.

The Beats ep headphones only downside is that they are not Bluetooth, which may be an issue if you’re looking for wireless headphones. But this won’t stop any user from looking for wired quality on-ear headphones. These headphones produce good sound, come in many colors and sizes, and stay in place during exercise. For those looking for excellent sound quality without wanting to break the bank Beats EP are a great choice.

Build Quality

beats ep wired on ear headphones

Apple beats ep review is synonymous with high-quality sound. So, one of the only surprises is when you find yourself holding a set of wired on-ear headphones in your hands.  These are Beats, and they’re good, but they’re not break any new ground, and they come in at a relatively steep price point for a single pair of headphones. The Beats EP headphones do feel solidly constructed with sleek, glossy surfaces and hard plastics. But it’s just such a traditional design for Beats that it feels like there must be something more innovative out there.

If the company wants to keep their products top of mind with the excellent build quality and premium look. These wireless headphones also offer a fantastic range of sound coverage from deep bass to crisp highs without distortion. Noise isolation is also moderate and does an excellent job of blocking out ambient noise without being overly tight or uncomfortable over long periods.

Design and Comfort

beats ep wired on ear headphone

Beats Ep wired on-ear headphones Design and Comfort have a sleek, well-crafted design. The headband is easily adjustable to fit your head size. In addition, the ear cups can fold up for easy storage in the Beats carry case. Beats EP on-ear headphones are comfortable with a padded headband.

The cord is also very short, so if you use these outside your home, you’ll need an extension cord to avoid getting caught on something accidentally. That said, Beats EP on-ear headphones sound great and are solid built. These are over the Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones because there’s no sound leakage when using them inside. This means you can enjoy them even when others are sleeping nearby.

The audio quality of Beats EP

beats ep review

The audio quality of the apple beats ep is fantastic. It is crisp and clear, and the bass is powerful. With Bluetooth capability and long battery life, it’s hard to beat this sound. But with so many limitations on use, you may want to go with a different option if you can afford it. Beats EP charges via a USB port connected to your computer or an outlet adapter.

Beats Ep on ear headphones have a wireless range of about 30 feet, which is better than most Bluetooth devices but still pales compared to Air Pods’ content. And even though Beats was design as workout headphones. They will only stay securely in place during intense workouts. In addition, there are no buttons on Beats EP, meaning you can’t adjust the volume or change songs without touching your phone.

Should you buy them?

beats ep on-ear headphones

These beats wired on ear headphone sound great and are fashionable, but you should reconsider buying them. First, they are wired, which means you can’t go as far from your music source as you could with a wireless pair. You also can’t use them for anything that involves a phone call or video conferencing.

But if you don’t need these functions and want stylish headphones to use while on the go, Beats ep headphones are worth the price tag. They come in 5 different colors, and the earbuds rotate 180 degrees to fit your ears. The cable is also nice and long. With Beats EP, you get the best of both worlds: fantastic sound quality without sacrificing style. The Beats EP headphones are available in five colors and have rotating earbuds for maximum comfort.

What is EP in Beats?

beats ep headphones

The beats wired headphones is a compact, lightweight on-ear headphones. The device works well for everyday use but fails to excel at anything. Nevertheless, it was great to do. It has good sound quality and overall comfort, but this is hindered by the wire that connects the two earbuds, which can get in the way. But, overall, these are perfect if you’re look for a stylish set of headphones that don’t sound like garbage.

Beats EP will make your wallet cry while not compromising much regarding the sound quality or build. According to Beats EP review, If you want something cheap, go with beats product. But if you’re willing to spend more money, there are many better choices. Some Bluetooth models have the same beat sound without being hamper by wires. Beats EP Review rating: 7/10

Are the Beats EP wireless?

apple beats ep

The wired beats headphones are advertise as Wireless. Unlimited. Headphones have been popular for those looking to switch from wired to wireless headphones. However, these headphones don’t come close to matching. The ease of use and freedom offered by Bluetooth earbuds or actual wireless in-ear buds.

The Beats headphones wired are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack that connects via. It included a cord with a built-in mic and remote control. Joining your phone through NFC means you can pair up two simultaneously. However, some people might find themselves tethered from both sides. A handy inline remote on the cable allows you to adjust volume, change tracks, and take calls.

Are Beats EP durable?

apple beats ep review

Beats EP is rugge, lightweight, and comfortable. Its durable frame is reinforce with stainless steel, and adjustable vertical sliders allow for personalize comfort. Designed for everyday use. Beats headphone cords come in different shapes and sizes and finding headphones you love is a matter of personal preference. If durability is essential, consider investing in a sturdy pair such as these Beats earbuds. The Beats are also magnetic, making them easy to store at home or on the go and their tangle-free flat cable ensures hassle-free storage when not in use. Allowing you to enjoy your music safely without any worry about breakage, keeping your headphones sounding good as new for longer.

Does Beats EP have a mic?

Reinforced with stainless steel, the cheap beats wired headphones are sturdily built and sound good for the money. It’s relatively comfortable for an on-ear model and includes an inline microphone that works well enough for voice calls. But it’s not designed to be wireless, which hurts its potential as a workout headphone—despite its eight-hour battery life. However, end calls, pause music playback, or switch between tracks. There are also volume controls on each earcup and power/Bluetooth pairing buttons. A two-year warranty comes standard, but there’s no bundled carry case, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

Are Beats EP waterproof?

The apple beats ep has a nano-coating, which makes them water and sweat-resistant. They can handle the occasional splash or rainstorm, but you’ll want to keep them out of the pool. The power button is on the right ear cup, and you can play/pause music and answer phone calls. At first glance, these are easily some of the best-sounding wireless earbuds in their price range.

Their most glaring problem is that the cord connecting the two earbuds isn’t very long – so if you don’t always have your smartphone with you, they’re useless. The battery life also leaves something to desire; I could only get about 2 hours of listening time before having to charge them again. But those drawbacks aren’t deal breakers when you factor in the sound quality and comfort. Overall, Beats EP offers excellent sound quality.

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