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CM trading reviews- a complete list of pros and cons



Getting yourself registered with one of the credible and trustworthy brokerage houses is the first step of entering into the forex trade world and becoming a successful trader. And when we talk about forex broker firms, CM trading is a name not to be missed. 

CM trading is a famous and reputed brokerage house in the world of foreign exchange market. Nevertheless, if you don’t know much about it and want to learn more, give your back a pat on your back, As you have landed on the right page. 

This article is full of CM trading reviews. So by the end of it, you can expect yourself to be a well-acknowledged person regarding CM trading. So now, let’s just directly walk through the review. Let’s start

What is CM trading? 

CM trading is a significant and famous name in the South African forex trade market. It is a brand name that operates under the BLACKSTONE Marketing SA, Private Limited.  Traders founded the firm for traders to create a one-stop trading platform for online trading. 

CM  trading is a well-known organization that specializes in Forex Index and commodity trading. Moreover, it is considered one of the safest and well-reputed firms across the southern African territory. Thus, traders are provided with the confidence of using the Forex Index, and commodities including cryptocurrencies, with complete confidence. 

Is it safe to trade with CM trading? 

Now that you acknowledge the basics of CM trading and its background, the question that may arise in your mind could be related to its legitimacy. So is CM trading safe or nothing else but a scam.

Therefore, the firm is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa. However, the company does not entirely fall under any European regulatory authorities. 

FSCA is an astringent and high-quality regulatory body designed to ensure that all brokerage houses provide their customers with complete transparency of operations and ease of control. Thus, the same is why CM trading does not need approval by any European authority to prove its existence. 

As we said, the firm has got licensed by FSCA, which itself is a known authority, the organization can be considered safe to trade with. 

Types of accounts

CM trading holds a good variety of accounts to offer to its customers: 

Bronze account

  1. Deposit range= $100 to $999.
  2. Leverage= 1:200
  3. Spreads= regular

Silver account

  1. Deposit range=$10 000 – $49 999
  2. Leverage:= 200:1
  3. Spread, EUR/USD: as low as 0.9

Gold account 

  1. Deposit range= $1000 – $9 999
  2. Leverage= 200:1
  3. Spread, EUR/USD= starts from 1.2

Premium account

  1. Deposit range = $50 000+
  2.  Personal trading specialist
  3. Direct access to Trading Room
  4. Top news and analyses

On the bottom line

Cm trading is a well-known and safe firm to start trade with. It offers multiple tailored services to its customers, which we have listed above.  Rest. The decision is upon you.

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