Flowers are considered a great way of expressing one’s love, feelings or emotions to their loved ones. Along with being a beauty in itself, it even has a variety of uses, be it medical or decorative. People nowadays mainly choose flowers as the perfect gift for their special ones.

Giving flowers as a gift never goes wrong because people love flowers irrespective of age, so flowers remain the forever and obvious gift for any occasion. And even sending flowers as a gift has become way easier in today’s times with various online services. Order flowers from online flower delivery in Mumbai and get the desired flowers delivered to your doorsteps in your desired time.


Tulips are the flower that is considered one of the world’s favourite and most recognizable. The sophisticated, egg-shaped beauty leaves elegance wherever it goes, making them ideal for gardens or even bouquets. Tulips themselves provide various options, such as wild tulips, green tulips, peony tulips, etc. Tulips resemble love and tenderness. These gorgeous flowers are even affordable and low maintenance, making them perfect for your house!


Lilac is the flower that mainly symbolizes spring, renewal, and confidence, making it a perfect gift for students or achievers. This flower has many variations, and its different symbols, i.e. white lilacs, represent purity and innocence. 

In contrast, violet and blue lilacs say a lot about spirituality and happiness respectively. So lilacs should be your go-to flower bouquet for any occasion! The flower also has many medical uses, such as it treats bacterial infections and also helps in fighting depression by relaxing the body.


Orchids mainly symbolize aspects such as beauty, refinement and thoughtfulness. The thing that makes this flower different from any other flower is its mystique. Orchids are elegant, which seems unreal yet perfect. These can be commonly seen everywhere, starting from gardens, houses to forests. 

It is known that the beauty of orchids is hard to deny. And offering it as a gift can be a perfect option as these flowers are aesthetically pleasing to nearly everyone’s eyes! Along with its alluring beauty, orchids are easy to care for even though it is often labelled as challenging by some people.


Rose flowers are considered the king among every other flower. It mainly signifies love and romance; however, their meaning can extend way beyond these simple words. Different shades of rose unveil different meanings, be it love, friendship or sadness. 

Roses are the best way to express your emotions at an anniversary, birthday party, or even a funeral. Today, online services have made it even easier to send flowers as gifts on short notice, so order flowers online and surprise your loved ones! Offering roses as a gift may seem like a safe and better option.

Pastel carnations

These carnation flowers exist for an unknown time but remain the favourite flower for many occasions such as weddings and birthdays. The vibrant, sweet scent and various range of colours of the flower can make the experience even more gorgeous. 

As carnations have been there for quite a long time, they have been attached with much different significance in different traditions; some are love, devotion, distinction, and fascination. So if you are unsure what to give your loved ones, pastel carnations are the way to go! They will be the best choice and increase your impression several folds.


As one of the prettiest and humblest flowers, daisies have been profoundly involved in different cultures worldwide, often carrying a more profound significance than its cute appearance. By just having a glimpse of Daisy flower, one could feel a happy and positive vibe. Daisies seem so excited, with a sun-like centre surrounded by delicate white petals which somewhat seem like clouds. Some of the things that Daisy represents are new beginnings, purity, innocence and cheerfulness. If you’d love to surround yourself and your loved ones with happiness, make sure to have daisies around you!


Camellia is a gorgeous flower having a rich history and cultural significance. It is a well-respected blossom in various countries like China, Japan and Korea. The main reason for the flower being famous is its beauty and its symbolism. 

The flower represents many cultural symbols such as love, longevity, happiness, perfection and even death. So giving camellia as a gift can be the best choice, as the gorgeous blossoms not only pleases the mind but also brightens the day!

The art of offering flowers as a gift is something that has been encouraged in every other culture. The deep sense of symbolism and even more captivating beauty of the blooms can make your day perfect! A fresh bunch of blossoms has always been the most excellent option to give away as a gift, and the reason behind it is apparent.


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