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How To Download Videos From The Internet In 2022



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The internet is fun entertainment. If you are feeling bored, or you want to educate yourself about something, video tutorials over the internet are the best option. You can simply type in your query on the Youtube search bar and you will get multiple videos in the search results. Youtube is a great way to learn new things. However, there is one big disadvantage of videos over the internet, that is, you need a wifi connection to buffer the videos. Without a connection, you can not watch the video. Having a youtube downloader can benefit you in this regard. 

This article talks about how you can get a free video downloader online, and what are the advantages of using the video downloader application.

How To Get A Video Downloader

The downloader applications available online are often faulty, or costly. However, you can now get a free video downloader from This website allows users to download video downloaders. You can now download instagram videos as well.

Simply go to the website ‘’. Click on the downloader you want to get, either youtube, instagram, TikTok, or another. Once you open the page, you will see a small download button. Click on it and the application will start downloading on your device. 

Once the application is downloaded, open it. You will see a search bar, you have to paste the URL of the video you want to download in this search bar. Click on download and let the app do its magic. 

Advantages Of Using Video Downloader

There are certain advantages of using a video downloader application you get from Some of these advantages are described below. 

1. It Is Free

The biggest advantage of getting a downloader application from is that it is free of cost.

Nothing makes a customer more displeased than paying for an application that could be available free otherwise. Application developers should try to provide free services for such useful applications. They can earn by displaying advertisements in the app. 

2. Watch Videos Offline

Once you have successfully downloaded an Instagram or youtube video, now you can watch the video offline. 

This is a great opportunity for people who do not have an Internet connection 24/7. If you are a student, you can download youtube lectures and watch them later on. 

Secondly, online videos may take time to buffer, depending on the quality of the internet connection. When you have downloaded a video on your device, you do not have to worry about buffering. 

3. Compatible With Different Systems

The downloader applications available on are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. 

Android users often feel lucky because most of the applications available in the market are compatible with their mobile systems. However, iPhone users have always suffered in this regard.

Thankfully, the youtube downloader from can be used on iPhone as well. You can simply open the application or website on Safari, go to youtube and copy the URL of the video you want to download. Paste the link on the website opened on Safari, you will get the link to download the video.

4. Privacy Of Customer Retained has a very strict privacy policy, thus protecting its loyal customers. The downloader application does not keep a track of downloading history, nor does it save any videos on the application.  The videos are directly downloaded and saved on the device.

Secondly, since instagram video downloaders let you download Instagram videos, you can not download videos from private accounts. Thus protecting their privacy as well.

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