Unfortunately, if you have no sense of matching perfect colours, then there’s no benefit of wearing seasonal outfits. Your attire defines your personality; thus, it’s imperative to make them perfect. However, every attire can not go on every occasion; thus, choosing an ideal attire for different occasions is also significant. 

It might also be tricky for you to combine suit, shirt and tie colours for various events. It’s a headache that requires a creative and trendy mind. Here, we inclined some tips and ideas to make a perfect combination of colour for your suit, shirts and tie. Well, you can find a range of shades in a tie at Ties.com that might help you to make a perfect colour combination. 

Pick a perfect shirt. 

Choosing a perfect coloured shirt should be the initial step before worrying about the colour of the suit and tie. It’s more important to match your shirt and tie together than matching them with the suit. Because on many occasions, people usually take off their jackets and suits; thus, it’s essential to focus on your inner garments rather than the outer ones. 

If you find more confusion in choosing a perfect shirt, simply pick a neutral and solid coloured shirt that can go with any hue of suit and tie. However, white is the simplest colour option you can easily choose for any occasion and positively get merged with any shade of tui and suit. For more options, you can go with pale colours, and light blue is the prominent one that features a sophisticated look. 

Match the tie with the shirt 

Ties are the foremost stuff that gives you an evergreen look and efficiently enhances your style statement. However, you can find a range of ties options at Ties.com. If you pair a tie with complimentary shirt colour, it will glaze the eyes of others. It’s always recommended to choose a dark tie shade over the shirt colour. 

If you choose white and pale coloured shirts, then any colour of tie can match up with this. However, on dark shades of shirts, it’s difficult to choose a tie colour as it fades the colour of the tie. Thus, if you are wearing bold colour shirts like black, make sure to wear a tie that features bold style statements and strikes the viewer’s eye. 

Make a complete match of shirt, suits and ties. 

You can combine the colour of the suit, shirt and ties as per the events you would have to attend. When it’s about apparel for formal occasions, you shouldn’t play with bright and shiny colours. Black, grey, brown and navy blue are the prominent options to define a formal look. 

You can opt for bright coloured apparel with prints on occasions like weddings and parties. For more options to explore, you can visit Ties.com and find the perfect combination of colours that go with various occasions.


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