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How to wear these amazing dresses



Every woman looks glorious in a dress, if she manages to find the right dress for her body type. In any woman’s closet there should be at least 5 different dresses that can be worn on various occasions. Here are some of the best models and the best ways to wear them.

Trench Dress

If you just love trench coats and how they feel and look on you, but can’t wear them during the summer, then you must get a trench dress. These dresses are made out of light fabrics, like cotton, and are quite similar to trench coats because of the materials and huge buttons and the belt in the front. These dresses are not too formal, since they can get wrinkly and are quite subtle. The best option is wearing them with some formal shoes if you wish to turn them into a work outfit, but they also go well with high heels and sandals, for more casual events. You might even find a good way to pair them with sneakers, especially the more fashionable ones, which aren’t necessarily so functional for a workout.

Party Dress

Party dresses come in various shapes, sizes and designs. However, these should not be a part of your regular work attire (as their name suggests it). All of party dresses are exposing and hot, but of course you can find some less revealing models that can be fit for an office party. These can be designed in any way you want: strapless, sleeveless, backless etc. You can always wear them with a shiny pair of high heels, stylish boots or even fancy sandals,butthe jewelry should be less flashy.

Maxi Dress

Just like mini dresses look perfect on petite girls, maxi dresses will make every tall girl look gorgeous. Such dresses are not too exposing and just flow with your figure which makes them a perfect choice for evening parties and casual events. During the hot summer days, you can pair maxi dresses with stylish gladiator sandals, but if you still want to wear them during the colder days, ankle boots and motorcycle jackets make an elegant pair. 

Empire Waist Dress

If you are woman with no curves, an empire waist dress will fit you perfectly. These dresses have no flair and fall down straight, which makes them pretty flowy. Also, they are usually made out of silk or satin, which are good materials both for casual and formal events; of course, this will mainly depend on the design of the dress. Additionally, rugged boots go hand in hand with these dresses and completely complement the overall look. 

Asymmetric Dress

Any dress with asymmetric hemline falls under this category. Because sometimes the hemline can be too short, it is best to take asymmetric dresses for a casual stroll. Also, if you add a few embroidered accessories to a chicer dress, you can hit the club or other wild parties. Any body type will look outstanding in these dresses; you only have to make sure that the length of each part of the dress matches your figure. 

The look of your figure in each dress will depend on your body type. Try on as many dresses as you need before choosing the model and style, and you will never seize to look jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

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