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In this article, you will learn the characters of Minecraft’s Dream SMP Server and some of its members. Getting to know everyone on Dream SMP may be challenging, but these tips will help you! For example, learn about their favorite places and activities, so you can the first person they turn to when they need to get something done or want to hang out. If you are new to Dream SMP, this guide will help you get familiar with the many players and have you feeling at home on this smp server! As they say, knowledge is power – and knowing the members of Dream SMP will give you an advantage over other newcomers that don’t take the time to learn about their community!

Overview of dream smp

all dream smp members

Minecraft’s Dream SMo Server is home to some of the most popular YouTubers, including Stampy Cat, ballistic squid, and BeckBroJack. But who are the other members of this server? In this post, we’ll look at all dsmp members and get to know them better. Every Dream SMP member has their own story and personality, but there are two common threads among the group: They’re all good friends and are always open to meeting new people. In short, every dream smp member loves the Minecraft game and their favorite games.

Some dream smp members have been on youtube for years, and some are just starting. But one thing remains the same- everyone wants to make videos for a living! If everyone on Dream SMO stays true to themselves and keeps having fun, it will be one of the best servers. With more than 25 channels represented on dreamsmp ip, there is something for everyone. The Dream Team Wallpaper Minecraft channel showcases beautiful scenes from our favorite video game and shows how much effort goes into building these worlds. It also provides tutorials to help viewers learn how to create their masterpieces or improve their builds. For a sneak peek at what awaits you on dream smp ip, watch the YouTube channel MiniCrafting today!

Dream SMP Minecraft Server Explained

all dsmp members

Minecraft is all about teamwork and having fun. The server has a very diverse community, and the server’s primary goal is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for people from all walks of life. Dream smp characters Wallpaper is not just a Minecraft server. It’s an experience. It’s our mission to provide an environment where players can feel free to share their creativity with others in a friendly way that fosters respect for other people’s opinions and ideas. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

You amazed at what we have plan for you, and we hope you stay enjoyable. So, join our Discord or stop by sometime!  ou love Minecraft? Do you like building things and working together with friends? Do you enjoy contributing to a fantastic community? If so, then dream smo might be the place for you! There are many reasons why I love being part of such a great community. My favorite thing about playing on this server is how there are always new and exciting builds to explore, games happening in the lobby, and unique quests – or even map makers’ projects – going on almost every day.

Current Dream SMP Members

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Ender_g. – A former griefer and troll, he was later reform after an incident with a creative spawner (I’ll let you figure out what that is). He’s now one of the most trusted members on the server and a renowned modder. His favorite quote is Why can’t we all get along? By Dr. Seuss. Endersaint – Ender_g. ‘s twin brother and best friend who followed in his footsteps to become a moderator on Dream Smp, though his trolling has decreased considerably since his introduction into the team. He also loves Dr. Seuss quotes like Ender g.

But usually says them in a more sarcastic tone if he needs to tell someone off for doing something stupid or being annoying—the final member of the dream team wallpaper dsmp wiki_j. – an admin who mainly helps manage the active plugins and updates the wiki whenever possible. Despite not always being able to make it on when large projects are going on, he still participates in events when possible and is an integral part of the community.

Current & Past Dream SMP Guests


The Dream Team is a group of players on Minecraft’s Dream SMP server who call themselves the Dream Team. The team consists of four prominent members: Ralexo, HappyDiggers, KrazyKremp, and Vexxy. They have played together for over five years and have developed close friendships. They are known for their high-level play on the server and their PVP skills. Their teamwork and dedication help make them one of the best teams on Dream SMP. They enjoy roleplaying with other players and watching together when they aren’t playing. They love building new projects and are always eager to explore new areas. They’ve even met another Dream Team while playing on another server! It was a dream come true! The Dream Team also spends time streaming on Twitch.TV and posting screenshots on Instagram or Twitter when they find exciting builds.

Another critical player on Dream SMP is Meep_Freek. He has been playing alongside Ralexo since he first started his survival world but didn’t get invited into TheDreamTeam until he had been playing for around two years. Now Meep Freek helps manage many aspects of running a good community, including keeping track of Banned items, ensuring everyone follows the rules and fixing bugs throughout gameplay. He even has an app called Troubleshooter, which helps him with some commands instead of console commands. His contributions have helped develop Dream SMP into what it is today.

Who is on the Minecraft SMP Dream server?

dream smp lore

Many well-known and respected Minecraft community members are on the Dream SMP server. Here are a few: Docm77 is a YouTuber with over 1.6 million subscribers. He’s known for his Minecraft videos and his work on modding the game. Mumbo Jumbo is another popular YouTuber with over 2.7 million subscribers. He’s known for his complex Redstone contraptions and impressive builds. FalseSymmetry is a YouTuber with nearly 700 thousand subscribers. She’s known for her creative building style and her cute Minecraft skin.

There are plenty more all dream smp members who a part of the server since its inception, some of which are: Muselk a popular YouTuber known for his League of Legends gameplays and other game-related videos. W92Baj is another popular YouTuber who’s known for his amazing Minecraft builds. DanzNewz has over 70 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and he’s well-known for his Let’s Play videos. Finally, Crainer famous for have fun in various games with people from around the world.

Find Out Which Dream SMP Member You Are

dsmp characters

We made a very addicting and enjoyable dreamsmp Survival Multiplayer Quiz that aims to identify the server’s famous members who are similar to you. This is a list of some of the possible matches for you that you can find at the end of the test.


In addition to Dream, TommyInnit is one of the most well-liked members of the SMP. For many viewers, he is the story’s protagonist, always trying to do the right thing no matter the cost. Those who could match Tommy’s answers are usually outgoing and enjoy making and keeping friends more than anything else. And for those who didn’t manage to get any questions correct, don’t worry! Dsmp member wants to meet you all in person too!


Surprisingly, many players would respond, I’m TechnoBlade when ask which Dream SMP member they are. He is one of the most influential characters and has played a significant role in almost every dream smp lore and war in the server. Despite his tendencies for violence, Techno values loyalty and goes out of his way to protect his friends. However, he becomes a ruthless killing machine when someone betrays him or stands in his way. Anarchists mostly match TechnoBlade in the Dream SMP Member Quiz, but those with aggressive playstyles are also possible matches.


Unlike other members, Gogy is not a famous result in the Minecraft character-matching tests. But he has been an active player since the first day the server was creat. Many believe George is only loyal to those who benefit him, which is why he changes his allies repeatedly during the story. In the Dream SMP Quiz, players who match him are ambitious, hardworking individuals.

Understand Your Lore Better

dream smp members

If you’re a fan of the famous Minecraft YouTuber Dream, then you’re probably familiar with his friends and fellow YouTubers who make up the Dream SMP server. But do you know all there is to know about these characters? In this post, we’ll look at some background information on each server member so that you can get to know them better. Almost every member of the server has a rich back story. If you take the Dream SMP Quiz, you will have the chance to discover your possible backstory and learn more about your character. To help you best enjoy the results, we included some fun trivia tidbits.

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