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Kenny Lofton JR – Bio, Career, Family, and Net Worth



Kenny Lofton JR

Kenny is a remarkable youthful bud basketball player from lone-star state. However, Kenny Lofton JR at present plays games for the Memphis of the domestic basketball NBA. On a 2-path contract with the Doorknob Hustle of the Association League. Therefore, the recent information from Kenny talli supports the top 27 main points. For the Kenny Grizzlies in the loss effort, and after looking his exceptional support in the Grizzlies last. In addition, summer support is very stunning the NBA tweet Kenny Lofton is a power nightfall match.

Kenny Biography

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Even though Kenneth Lofton, JR MLB gardener 6 periods won 4 Gold Awards. His 17-year MLB professional spent 9 years with the level Indians and play. However, such groups as the Braves, Gigantic Francisco, and Yankees raise by their husbandless. His mom Annie has Lofton JR; she was in high school and weigh only 3 Ib at birth. Therefore, his mom moves to Alabama after graduating and loses communication with kenny lofton jr. His dad said the family does not talk about it, which is personal glaucoma. Because of her failed eyesight was employ, she refuses to go on to prosperity. In addition, but collect security as a main result of her partner’s death in 1960 pneumonia. When he makes the majors, Kenneth Lofton JR built a modern house. In east Newmarket for his grandmom and each other family members.

Ethnicity, and political views

Kenneth Lofton decides to try out for the Puma baseball group during his minor year. However, he plays in only 5 baseball support & records just one public servant. At bat, while in Arizona, his speed and recognition by Base Sam Houston Crist. Therefore, the Astros select in almost the 17th of the 1988 draft. Lofton plays junior league, the best baseball in the summer. While complete his basketball admissibility at Arizona. The Kenneth Astros association asks him to play minor league in the Florida Informative league. In addition, he declines, citing a contract, and he has made it to his grandmom to achieve his degree.

Net Worth of Kenny Lofton


Kenny Lofton grew up in East rais with his grandmom, there Lofton attend Washington High School. However, a pitcher in center field in the high school baseball group. Kenny Lofton jr also eclipsed in receive basketball learning and to play as the main point Arizona guard. Therefore, at the University of wildcats, Arizona makes it to the last 4 of the 1988 NCAA. Men’s Separation basketball Competition, and to the sweet 16 in 1989, with the lead in professional steels.

In comparison, he joins the high school baseball group and drew the consideration of the Euston Astros, who drafted him. Similarly, in the 17 grounds of the MLB, he went on the play junior league for the Astros of the New. In addition, the Tourists of the Atlantic of the state and Triple of the coast won the PCL leader. The latter group, the Pacific coast, makes the hosts league an entire star group.

Facts and Trivia

Kenneth Lofton JR Transfer on the list of most Baseball performers. However, also rank in the main list of well-known personality born in America. Kenny lofton jr praises their birthday on 31 May of every year. In his biggest league, with his debut in Houston on 14 September 1991. Therefore, Kenneth went 3 for 4 with a duplicate score of 3 runs opposite the Reds Cincinnati. Lofton hit 20 supports for the residuum of the game Astros daily season. Steve entrenches a center field and age of 26 years old. In addition, for backstop Eddie and well Taubensee hand image Blair. They gave know glad, and they trash is each other treasure trad Astros him.

What is Kenny known for?


Kenny Loftin is one of the most famous 10 players in the biggest league story to record. However, at a minimum, 4 hit with 5 stolen grounds in solitary support and the just player. To Kenny, have one of those 4 hits a house run, and at the period. Therefore, kenny lofton jr also tied the United States League primary record by score a run in 18 sequential supports.

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Who stole the most bases?

Rickey Henderson owns the MLB professional stolen essential record with the 1,406. However, Kenny Loften is the just MLB player to have reached the 1,000 robbed milestone in his professional life. Follow Henderson is Brock with 938 stoles, and Billy is 3rd on the steals list. Therefore, his early season with level I 1992 in Kenny hit. He stole 66 bases, the complete broke record, and was a rookie in the MLB. Vince stole 110, and his stole count and led the AL also penniless, a suffrage record entirely set by Dilone.

First-based Dave help refine his base unique and help teach him. To successful with a bunt finish to the Brewers, and he ends the brunt of the year ballot. After one more season with Grover Cleveland, he agrees to a 4-year $6.3 million contract. In addition, the follow he broke the next season’s level and stole a record of 70, which led MLB was select to his early complete support during the season. Similarly, his career baseball professional season prompted the United States. Kenny lofton jr led the league in broke posts of his run whit a lot.

Who Are Lofton Jr’s Parents?

kenneth lofton jr transfer

The 19-year sophomore performer, Kenny Lofton, basketball, was born to inspire parents in 2002. However, his father is an MLB player who plays as a middle fielder. His forties with Texas, Indians, Los Dodgers, and more. Many of you strongly get confused about the name of career Lofton similar. His To FTW America, former Tech bulldog’s sportsman. Therefore, this art style got appreciated after the NBA league’s main action for the Grizzlies.

Meet Kenny, Father Kenneth, and mom Gina Duhon

Nless entertainment Kenneth and Duon are Jr’s parents. His family has no muscular background. However, in a condense, Lofton’s dad isn’t a former MLB solve prize winner. To the information star, Lofton’s father has served in the United State Arm. Talk about his intellectual news, and he attends Lamar university. He’s work in the USA postal format since the age of 18 year old. Therefore, we do not have difficulty deets his mother the entire, and she is a homemaker and busy taking care of her family. In addition, Kenny Lofton Jr has a sister name, Kennedy Lofton. She is an elderly sister who plays female basketball at Southern University.

Kenny Is a Domestic Basketball Profession

kenneth lofton jr

Early Lousiana basketball performer John Loften is well-known worldwide and recognize by the moniker minor. However, Loften is a youthful and active NBA performer who plays for the Doorknob Grizlies of the NBA. Therefore, his interest in games emerges at a bit of age. Lofton knows to play the main post quite nicely when the minor plays guard at the memorial player. In addition, the minor said Arthur’s information, and his father use it to show him. In the video of Olajuwon, he learns how to manage baseball and make plays after look the video.

Post-Retirement Life and Legacy

After retiring from baseball, Kenny Lofton jr has remained involved in the game as a coach, commentator, and mentor. In 2010, he was inducted into the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame, and in 2014, he was named to the Cleveland Indians All-Time Team. He has also been a regular guest on MLB Network and Fox Sports as a baseball analyst and commentator. Lofton is also known for his philanthropic work, and he has been involved in various charitable organizations and causes throughout his life, including youth mentoring programs, education initiatives, and health and wellness campaigns. In his post-playing career, Kenny Lofton has been a part of numerous MLB teams as a coach, including Cleveland Indians as first base coach, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

MLB Career

kenny lofton

Kenny Lofton jr began his MLB career with the Houston Astros in 1991. He played for the team for two seasons before being traded to the Cleveland Indians in 1992. He played for the Indians for nine seasons and established himself as one of the best center fielders in the league, earning six All-Star selections and four Gold Glove awards during his time with the team.

In 2001, Lofton signed as a free agent with the Chicago White Sox, where he played for two seasons. He then played for the San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Texas Rangers, and the Cleveland Indians before retiring in 2007. Throughout his career, Lofton was known for his speed and defensive skills and was a perennial threat on the base paths.

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