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PDF Drive: How To Make An Image A PDF On Google Drive



When working with papers frequently, you must transform data between different file formats. Even while you can accomplish this via Google Drive by turning a Word or Excel file into a Google Document file, it is trickier to perform if the original file you wish to convert is a picture. Having the same file in several formats is useful when working on a task with others. A file type accessible on practically any device is PDF. Given that the PDF file format preserves image resolution, it could make logical sense to submit image files as PDFs, but does Google Drive offer a direct image-to-PDF conversion option? This guide is straight from PDF Drive – a database of pdf books from recreational to the latest educational reading materials. For more how-to guides about Google Drive, visit PDF Drive. Continue reading to learn how you can make an image a PDF on Google Drive!

Google Drive: Free Cloud Storage For Everyone

Google Drive lets you store files in the cloud and access them from any device. You can create, view, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can also store images, videos, audio files, and more. You can access your Google Drive files from any device and share them with others to get feedback or incorporate them into other projects. Google Drive is handy for storing and sharing documents and collaborating with team members.

Google Drive has built-in tools for editing and creating documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and more, so you don’t need to find other software on your device. Google Drive is free and offers free accounts for everyone. You can upgrade and pay subscription fees if you have a lot of data in your Drive and want extra storage space.

How To Create An Account On Google?

Creating an account on Google is required for you to have access to your own Google Drive. You can have your own Google Mail, Google Photo, Google Calendar, and more when you have an account on Google. To start creating your Google Account, read further!

Search For Google: Connect your device to a reliable internet service. Using your browser, search for Click the sign-in button at the upper right of the google homepage. You’ll find the create an account button at the lower left of the page.

Choose A Google Account Type: Google allows users to create an account for a child, business, school, and personal use. Choose the purpose of the Google Account by clicking it at the selection. Google is handy for various things as it caters to the needs of individuals of any age.

Fill Up The Form: Google will give you a form you need to answer. Enter your first name, last name, and middle initial. Make sure to answer the form honestly. It will also ask for your working contact number, a username that you want to use, a new password, birthdate, and gender.

Verify Mobile Number: After entering the information you answered on the form, Google will verify your mobile number. To ensure that if you forget your password, you can easily change it by accessing your account using your mobile number.

Manage Your Account: Once done with the four steps, you have successfully created an account. You can attach your image to your profile photo for others to easily recognize your account when needed.

Why Should I Use Google Drive?

Google Drive is cloud storage with millions of users across the globe. The platform is famous due to the services it offers. Here are some reasons why you should use Google Drive.
Access To Files On The Go: You can view and edit documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and more from your computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. With Google Drive, you can make changes to your files anywhere. You can access the files you need anytime you need them.

Immediate File Backup: Google Drive automatically backs up your files and lets you restore them if you accidentally delete them. Google Drive allows auto-sync if the app is on your device. It helps individuals automatically keep safe files.

Easy Collaboration: You can share documents and spreadsheets with others and get feedback. You can also add comments to let others know your opinion about the file. Other users can also edit the file. It is ideal for group work and team projects.

Storable Various File Formats: You can create and edit documents in different formats, such as Google Docs, Word, PDF, and more. Google Drive allows storing any file format on the platform.
Convenient Document-Sharing: You can share your documents with others by sending them the link to your file. No need for printing and reprinting as you can easily send files even to individuals from another country.

How to Convert Image to PDF in Google Drive?

Google Drive doesn’t allow direct conversion of images to PDF. It has no app extension for image-to-pdf conversion. You can find plenty of third-party apps which you can use to convert the images you need to PDF. PDF file format is a convenient format that maintains image quality on any device. It is accessible across various devices and occupies tiny storage space. You can find many image-to-pdf converters on the internet, which you can use for free. Use a safe and secure app or website to convert your images to PDF.


Google Drive has many handy features and app extensions for editing and creating files. Now that you know what Google Drive is, how to create an account on Google Drive, and how to convert image files to PDFs, you can use it to organize your photos, create and edit documents with built-in tools, and share your files with others. Create your Google Account and be a Google Drive user for efficient and free storing of files. If you want to read more guides about Google Drive, visit PDF Drive and browse its millions of pdf book databases!

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