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Let’s know the Chris Chan’s personal life in addition to Chris’s wiki, biography, parents, relationship, and career. Sonichu was born in 1982, on Feb 24. Her actual identity is Christine Weston chandler, who is 39 years old. She is famous as a comedian, book artist, and entrepreneur from Virginia and USA. She is also famous in the nation as a rare creator. Chris chan,s is a YouTube, artist, vlogger, and singer by profession. She is also well-known as the maker of the Sonichu web comic. If you desire complete information, then study this article until the end.

Who’s Chris Chan?

Chris chan sonichu comic, in reply to her web page CWCKI, Chris is a Unisexual trans woman. She is active on all media platform handles. Moreover, she is perhaps the most vilified character on social media. She has trolled varied cases on the net. She is also well-known as the celebrity of “All people Hate Elmo.” Being an artist, she created enough fictional characters. And she is very close to her siblings and mom. According to the information, she is a psychically sick particular person. This article provides information concerning Christine chandler’s life history and controversies.

Sonichu Biography

The USA comedian artist Chris chan comic was born on Wednesday, Feb 24, in Virginia, America. According to our record Chris,s present age is 39 years. In 2004, Chris began broadcasting the autobiographic online comedian sonichu. Every year on Feb 24, she commemorates her birthday party. A comedian has captured her since childhood. Then she started creating cartoon people at a young age.

Similarly, in reply to her profile CHCKI. She finishes her higher school beginning at Manchester Faculty. After this, she took entry to the Piedmont Neighborhood Faculty. With this school, she acquired a bachelor’s diploma in Design and Pc-Aided Drafting.

After this, she began specializing in her graphics profession. Moreover, her genuine delivery name is Christine Weston Chandler. After crafting the Sonichu character, Chris changed her name to Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu. In addition, she has further varied unusual nicknames. The comics reveal Chris and her friend sonichu, grumpy between Pikachu and sonic. The comics explain private events in her life, for example, her endless search for a boyfriend. Moreover, if you want to know more about Chris’s wiki, profession, success, and personal life, keep reading.

  • Name: Christine Weston Chandler
  • BirthPlace: Virginia, Ruckersville, United States
  • Profession: Artist
  • Nick: Chris
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Age: 39
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Religion: Christian
  • Qualifications: Graduate
  • Height: 5′ 11″
  • Net Worth: $800K-900K million USD

The Career

Chris belongs to an ethnicity white eight/1 cherokian family. She obeys the Christian religion. In the 2000s, Chris started her career and is most famous for creating the sonichu comic book. She did not talk still Chris was 7 years old. She went to James University for speaking treatment. Where she spots with well-affective autism. At a young age, Chris became a lover of Pokemon and sonic hedgehog at a younger age and still achieved the hedgehog Sweepstakes incident. Now comes the schooling. She attended Nathaniel Green School and Green Country School. But she was trouble strictly by her principal and teacher, so she quit.

In 1993, she started her education at Province and Manchester High schools. In 2006, after high school, she began at Piedmont, Virginia College. She was interrupt for petitioning before graduation in 2006 with a diploma in design and computer-aid checkers. In 2000, on Mar 17, Chris created the Sonichu character that unites the qualities of Pikachu and Sonic. On Mar 24, 2005, the first sonichu was published. But it achieved publicity in 2007 since Encyclopedia Dramatic released a page insulting tv tropes sonichu. Her two albums are her subsequent two record albums, the christen and Hedgehog boys 2003 and Christian and the Boys COMEBACK 2009.

In 2007, on May 8, she established her YouTube channel, “Sonichu.”Similarly, it was deleted on Sept 11, 2007.then. She produced a new channel named “CChan6789” on Sept 18, 2008. However, it was deserted on Mar 30, 2009. She began a new channel named “CChanSonichu” on Apr 9, 2009. Unfortunately, it was chopped on Jun 5, 2009. She was proficient in recovering the account, but suddenly, the channel close after she uploaded Chris’s three obnoxious videos. She also initiated other channels, including CwcvilleGuardian, Christine Chandler, CwcvilleGuardian, IBAChandler, and ChristianWChandler.

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Chris Chan’s Mom & Ethnicity

Chris chan sonic specific in the precise point out how she raped and sexually Her mother spent many days in a sound- recording and writing messages staked online on Jul 30, 2021. She said that on Jun 27, Chris started to possess sex with Barbara all three days. In the message discussion, Chris said it hurt Barbara, and then she told him to quit. Barbara also refuses to be involve in the electoral love since she can be affliction from dementia. Chris had said to null privately on Jul 5 as she was in a relationship with somebody older. But she did not tell who it was.

Chris Chan’s Gender Transformation

In the beginning, the 39-year-old Social media entrepreneur was noted as a man. However, He did recognize his personality as a transgender woman after a while. Chan declared they existed a “tom girl” in September 2011 during affliction from sexual dysmorphia. Then she modified her name to Christine and appeared as a transsexual in 2016. Although multiple of Chan’s conclusion colleagues, such as Null, the proprietor of the Kiwi, and Joshua Moon, the personal organizer of Chan’s GoFundMe campaign, consult her like a guy. Chan’s violence issue manage by the County Sheriff’s Department, which has officially approved her as a lady in the arrest file.

Sonichu Chris chan started studying male-to-female sexuality changeover when she was 29. Moreover, according to Chris chan sonic Google profile. “She started with transvestism and improved to DIY methods of physical transition, similarly, which were ineffectual at good and precarious at worst. She started utilizing a legal technique in 2016, such as advisory to a gender expert, and at the end of that year, she started hormone treatment. Even though her best effort, sonic chu’s post-transition look is very similar to her pretransition look, with the omission that she has increased her hair and, unluckily, had some extent of her overweight distribution changed with HRT following the website.

Quick Facts

  • sonichu tv tropes have several titles and nicknames
  • According to sources, Chris was involved in “My Little Pony.”
  • Christine Chandler is a conservative lover of Sonic Hedgehog. Chris loves ponies’ energetic character; her preferred character is Rainbow and Applejack Sprint.
  • In her earlier days, Chris chan sonic comic used to buy unhealthy video and video games and intercourse toys.
  • She shared many childhood remembrances each other with her family members.
  • Chan has also been involved in different Coplay occasions.
  • She mainly uploads movies and vlogs on her YouTube channel.
  • Chris additionally scurries a YouTube channel, in which she has over 51.4K subscribers.


Several fans were surprised and furious, especially by sonichu Chris chan s sexual interest in her mom. She started to craze on Twitter, moreover, with much assuming that TV tropes of sonichu comedy had reached an end. Similarly, for a couple of hours, Chris trending than the 2020 Olympics for several hours.

Because it was very extensively discussed, Bowflex, Optimus Prime, and Lessons are only a few famous You Tubers that have published videos on this topic. Chris’s arrest was veiled broadly in broadcasts and news history and on Fox Media. On the other hand, others declared that they are also more nervous about Chan’s crimes than her nominal ones. Chris’ benefactor account was closed by the department Safety and Trust team as of “unlawful and harmful actions “in 2021.

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