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The Unbelievable True Story Behind the Thing About Pam Hupp



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In her career, Renee Zellweger has played fictional characters and real-life people. She play Pam Hupp in “The Thing About Pam,” an intriguing true story about the criminal behind a heinous murder. “The Thing About Pam” is based on NBC’s Dateline podcast of the same name, which investigated the murder of Betsy Faria. As a result of Faria’s murder, Russ Faria was convict and nearly spent two years in prison until his lawyer could have the case retried. Finally, new evidence and increased attention on Faria’s friend, Pam Hupp, led to Russ’s exoneration. But what was Hupp’s connection to this murder? Here is everything you need to know about The Thing About Pamela Hupp, the shocking true story behind the movie.

Story About It

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Pam Hupp story is about a Missouri woman convict of killing a man. Pam’s true story is even more unbelievable than the fictionalized account in the Netflix shows The Thing About Pam. Pam Hupp convict of one murder and charged with another, but neither involves her husband, Mark Hupp. Just a few months later, her son died in a car accident. Over the next few years, Pam began to unravel. She became obsessed with crime shows and began to believe that she was a victim of a conspiracy. She shot and killed a man who she claimed had broken into her home.

Pam Hupp was arrest and charge with murder. The case went to trial. After only two hours of deliberation, the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder. The prosecution argues that Pam attempt to frame the man she murdered for breaking into her house because she wanted him dead. After the verdict, members of the victim’s family said they were relieve, and happy justice serve. The thing about pam.hupp now is not as famous as it should. Because her true story was overshadowing by the Netflix series. However, hers has much more twists and turns than the Hollywood version could have hoped. The real pam.Hupp has always maintained her innocence while claiming that she has bipolar disorder and depression. And PTSD from losing so many loved ones over such a short period.

Who is Pam Hupp?

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Pam.hupp is a convicted murderer who killed a human. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The thing about Pam is that she’s a true story, a natural person who was convicted of a heinous crime. What’s even more unbelievable is that Pam Hupp almost got away with it. She staged the murder to look like a home invasion gone wrong, and the police believed her for a while. But eventually, the truth came out, and Pam was arrested, and she was charged with first-degree murder.

Pam Hupp is now serving a life sentence in prison, where she belongs. And the real thing about Pam? The thing about pam true story is a real-life murder mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out what happen. Was pam hupp convicted for a crime she didn’t commit? Read on to find out the unbelievable true story behind The Thing About Pam Hupp.

How Did Pam Hupp and Betsy Faria Become Friends?

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Pam Hupp, with her husband, Mark Hupp, moved to O’Fallon, Missouri. And working at the town’s State Farm Insurance office. One of her new coworkers, Faria, was kind and friendly. They soon became good friends. The two became friends, and their friendship gradually became much more vital. Quickly and strongly, Hupp involved herself in Faria’s life. Taking her to chemotherapy sessions and lending an ear to Faria’s worries about the money she would leave behind for her family if she died.

Faria’s father, Ken Meyer, noted that the summer she was diagnosed. She had “been worrying about her two teenage daughters’ spending the money foolishly. And she was afraid that her husband, too, would ‘piss it away,'” according to St. Louis Magazine. The only other sensible option to handle Faria’s finances?

What happened to Betsy Faria?

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A typical day for pam hupp betsy faria. She spent time with her mother and her mother’s friend Bobbi Wann before her chemotherapy treatments. By this point, cancer had metastasized to her liver, and she was terminally ill. Wann took Faria to her treatment that day instead of Hupp, which was out of their usual routine. Nonetheless, Hupp still shows up at Siteman Cancer Center. Where Faria was get treat. And insisted on driving her home to Troy, MO. Faria text her husband, Russ, about the change of plans, which was the last he heard from her.

Russ had been out with friends and was not home. Hupp dropped off Faria at approximately 7 p.m. and was the last person to see her alive. When Russ arrived home nearly two hours later. He found Faria’s bloodied body on the floor in their living room and called 911. Authorities say the 53-year-old woman had died from blunt force trauma to the head. Her death rules a homicide. To date, no one has been charged with the crime.

Why was Betsy Faria’s Husband Convict for Her Murder?

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Minutes after discovering his wife’s body, Russ Faria called 911. Frustrated and shaken, he initially believed that his wife had committed suicide. However, several stab wounds inflict on Faria, so detectives found his assertion that the injuries were self-inflicted suspicious. According to NBC News, Russ’s fluctuating emotions. And physical evidence, including a blood-stained slipper belonging to Russ. And a handwritten note that noted how she was afraid of her husband, made him the prime suspect. Beyond the physical evidence, pam hupp painted a damning picture of Russ as an abusive husband in a second interrogation. Aiding prosecutors in building a case against him. Witnesses at the scene and a failed mock polygraph test showed Russ to a brutal killer and guilty of first-degree murder.

How Did Pam Hupp Get Caught?

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Several new pieces of evidence that might implicate someone else in Faria’s murder led defense lawyer Joel Schwartz to file a motion for a retrial after Russ’ conviction. She had collected $150,000 from Faria’s life insurance policy. Which was suppose to go into a trust for her two daughters. But this never happened. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that two years after Faria’s death, Hupp created a fund for the children with $100,000. And $50,000 was allegedly for another friend of Hupp who had cancer. But she had passed away before Hupp could give it to her. The $50,000 went to Hupp. Russ was acquitte after the retrial.

While several suspicious clues pointed to Hupp as the murderer of Faria, she would not officially consider a suspect. Three years after, she shot and killed a man name Louis Gumpenberger, who was allegedly attempt a burglary. According to People Hupp Linenberger, Gumpenberger attempt to kidnap her to obtain Russ Faria’s money. The problem is that Hupp’s story didn’t add up. Gumpenberger physically and mentally impairs due to a brain injury. Which detectives determin were factors that inhibit him from carry out a crime of the manner was pam Hupp convict alleg. They concluded that pam hubb set up the elaborate scheme to kill Gumpenberger to further frame Russ. And divert growing suspicions around her involvement in Faria’s murder.

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