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Which Technologies are used in Developing Mobile Applications?



Developing Mobile Applications

Did you know?

The covid 19 has forced us to obey social distancing as well as stay home.

Because of lockdown policies, they force people to drive crazy because it is difficult to do not all the stuff you want. But that changes the course of mobile applications; Users downloaded almost 33 billion applications in the quarter of 2020 alone, according to the given report.

Total mobile users spent 180 billion hours each month of the quarter, with a whopping 28 billion dollars spent.

Those are some significant deep figures…!

No Doubt, covid has changed many industries, and the mobile app development industry is one of them. 

Covid also has introduced us to new technologies and tools for the mobile industry as well as others. As a result, the development for the mobile developer is more complex, fun, and innovative. Many technologies are fighting to create new tools, update frameworks and give us fast compilers to perform a practical task, which will provide us with a good, fancy, user-friendly mobile application.

The reason for having a good application platform is to create a good app, as we know because a suitable application will survive in the market and as well as it will make money. And if you want to stay in the market, your product or service should be good as your application.

So here are the top five technologies that are trending and giving us crazy applications.

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Flutter
  4. React Native
  5. Swift
  6. Kotlin
  7. R Programming


Python is one of the top programming languages that worldwide developers have used. The developers are using it because it is smooth and has outstanding features.

It is an open-source, highly orientated language and very easy to understand. It is also portable, which has built-in debuggers and which make development procedure smooth to deploy.

Besides, python also offers

  • GUI programming support
  • community support
  • frameworks
  • Libraries

IT mainly gives us rich features to make smooth web-type applications.

Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube are top example 


Java is also a very famous and highly oriented language. The language is mainly used in Android platforms. It is highly secured and kind of famous for developing mobile apps.

Java is open-source with phenomenal libraries, excellent documentation, and having said that, they also have community support to help developers. Telegram, Sea Weather, and VLC players are some great examples for them.


Google has developed Flutter, which is a cross-platform application development tool. Does the open-source Dart language allow for the creation of mobile apps that will run smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms without any compatibility issues due to its ability? To target each system’s native interface.?

This means developers no longer need to write code tailored explicitly towards one platform or another; all they have leftover in their work schedules are easy hours! Some companies currently utilizing Flutter include Xianyu by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Reflectly Pte Ltd.; these firms help boost productivity levels while saving time & money through seamless porting efforts across various operating systems.


With its flexible and clean design, Swift is the best language for both beginners and experts. It can be used in any platform from macOS to tvOS or watchOS, making this programming a genuinely universal one! Not only does it have Cocoa Touch Framework underpinnings but also C code that lets you write fast native applications on top of iOS SDKs – all within one concise package., 

LinkedIn, Lyft, and Hipmunk are some examples of companies that use swift as their primary development kits.


Kotlin has been one of the most popular languages for developing native apps. It is because it’s cross-platform. It can create highly dynamic mobile applications with types that will work on any device or operating system you use.

Whether they’re desktop computers, smartphones/tablets (iOS & android), laptops, etc… Some examples include Trello app by Expa, where users manage their different projects across multiple platforms.

Coursera is another excellent example that provides online courses in various domains, including engineering, medicine, science, technology, law management, education, etc.

React Native

Have you ever wanted to create a cross-platform app with the capability of running on multiple platforms? Well, React Native is one way for developers to do just that. Developed by Facebook in 2014 and open-sourced two years later under MIT license (that means everyone can use it).

This framework has been used extensively when developing apps like Myntra back in 2012 or even UberEATS last year. Of course, you will need JavaScript knowledge as well–but don’t worry because both Android Studio’s Kotlin language plugins AND Cocoa pods assist there, too. So, the learning curve should not be steep at all; it is worth checking out if your company needs something new & innovative.

R Programming:

 A machine learning and data analysis platform can be used for anything from general statistics computing, graphics design, and mobile app development.

R has an excellent library with huge packages available on its built-in functions allowing its users easy access into any project without having issues whether or not they are using the framework of another company’s software package.

Final thought

Using these techniques to create applications from a reliable mobile app development company will give you a damn good application for yourself or your client if you have one. The thing is, you can choose any one framework you want, but you have to know your niche and understand your project.

The article highlights seven trending technologies developers at a custom mobile app development company use for app creation, including Python and Kotlin. But which one is best? To find out more about what works in developing an Android or iOS application gives this read-through; it could save you valuable (and expensive) research later down the line when picking up new tools with ease as they come out of nowhere every day.

Not every framework, technology, tool, and language are best for everything. However, they are all fabulous with unique features. However, you have to choose one!

So, if you want to have an excellent mobile application for your business or yourself, either you can hire a mobile app developer or get custom Mobile app development services from a Mobile app development company.

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