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YouTube a sensation for everyone: Interesting facts to know



Why we use youtube

The internet is the solution to the all problems these days. One medium that serves most of the purpose of solving people’s problems and concerns is Youtube. If you have to know about anything, you can turn to Youtube. That is the reason it is the most used internet medium not only now, but from the time it has been introduced. It is not new that if any type of question comes to your mind, the first thing you do is go on Youtube to search for it. So, there are countless reasons to use Youtube, and you are going to know about those in this article.

Why we use youtube

Message to the whole world via Youtube

If we assume that you want Youtube to spread your talent, then you can spread your talent to the whole world. Youtube is something that is used in the whole world. It is not like it is legal in some countries and illegal in some countries. The whole world uses its services, and if you promote something through Youtube that you have great chances of the promotion to the whole world. Your talent or promotion will not be restricted to some countries or your state. Instead, a person from across borders can benefit from your talent. You will have more fan following and will observe your talent to be used in the opposite corner of the world. It is difficult to convey message to the whole world with old services.

Number of solutions to one problem

Let’s try to know the reasons from the start. Assume that you want to know how to make the puddings. You will go to Youtube and type “How to make the puddings” and then search. After entering the statement, you will see a number of videos that will teach you how to make the puddings. In this way, you will not be bound to only one or two solutions. You can have the recipe according to your taste. Maybe there will be a video having the ingredients that you do not have right now. And after scrolling and going through some of the first videos, you will be able to put a hand on the video that is according to your taste, and you have the ingredients present for that recipe too. So, the Youtube will be the best option.

You will see the process

Now we have known that we are going to have a number of solutions, but we need to know the process too. Assume you just searched on Google “how to make puddings,” and you also got a number of solutions. But, you will have to read the process, and the human mind cannot perceive something in a better way if he or she has not seen the practical process. So, Youtube will show videos on how to do it. You will be able to know the quantity in a better way. You can also observe the utensils the creator is using, and you can use that too.

Great support

We will compare some social media platforms to make you understand this point. Consider you have an Instagram page or the Facebook page that showcases your talent. There is a high probability that a few audiences will see your talent because the pages of these social media show the pages related to the country first. For example, if you are from Australia and you do a search of makeup pages, then you will first see the pages regarding the makeup of Australia, but you live in Kenya. So, your chances will get reduced. In the case of Youtube, if someone searches for makeup tutorials, then the video will not be bound to the countries, and you will be able to see the videos teaching you makeup from every corner of the world.

Youtube: Easy way of learning

Youtube is just like a teacher is teaching you. The teacher uses practical techniques to make you understand so does Youtube. There will not only the voice but the video also. You will realize that you are learning live, but the only difference is the screen. You will not have to read the line of the book many times to understand something. Instead, you can use your visual sense to grasp the information. A human mind remembers the information he sees. If we say that you can learn only by hearing, then it would not be right because the visual sense makes you learn 20 times more. Another factor associated is that the brain retains the information that is stored using your eyes and that has seen someone doing it practically.

You can watch a video many times

Let us assume that we are students and a teacher is teaching us. We as a student will be able to remember the topic 40% in our brain. When the teacher explains the topic again, the probability becomes 80%, and with the third time, there are 100% chances of retaining the information. But, will the teacher be able to explain something 3-4 times? No, right? So, we will need something that can explain something, in the same way, many times because a human can miss some bits of the information while re-explaining. So, on Youtube, you can watch the video as many times as you want, and there will be no missing information. For example, if you are trying to change a tire, you can stop the video midway from doing the first stage, then you can resume the video and continue with the upcoming stages.

Youtube provides Everlasting content

As a learner on Youtube, you will want the video of your preference to be available for you whenever you want. This is the best benefit of Youtube because the videos are everlasting, and they are not lost or removes unless Youtube itself removes them. Otherwise, the videos are accessible for you every time you feel the need. For example, if you have posted a video or liked a video on Youtube, it will be there even after seven years.


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